Children and young people on a Sunday


Children and families are warmly welcome to church on Sunday mornings at 10.30am before our Junior Church groups start at 10.45am, starting with games, then finish at 12 noon. We have six different groups for children and young people that meet each Sunday morning that are always ready to welcome those new to church. Junior Church often follow the same theme for the month as well as celebrating Christian festivals, the teaching and activities being relevant to the particular age group.

Occasionally children and young people and their families all meet together in church from 10.30am to 12 noon for an All Age Service rather than in their separate groups.


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Creche facilities are available in the room at the back of the sanctury for parents to take their infants when they feel unsettled during the service. The service can be heard and seen from this room.


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Rise and Shine (Age 0-4 years)

Pre-school children enjoy hearing bible stories, singing, making things and learning about God's love for them through play.


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Friends of God (Age 4  - school year 3)

Friends of God enjoy an exciting and varied programme with a bible story each week linked to lots of different creative activities.Image result for xstreme meredith road baptist church


Xstream (School years 4-7)

Xstream welcomes children in school years 4-7 the last three years of primary school. The group aim to teach the children the basics of the Christian faith through games, bible stories, prayer and fun activities.


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TROGS (School years 8+)

Although not directly part of the Junior Church, the young people in school years 8+ meet in the Portacabin to discover more about knowing and serving God. Led by our youth workers, "The Rather Older Group" (TROGs) of young people make great friends and enjoy being together.