House Groups

House Groups have been a strength of the church over the last 30 years and everyone is welcome to belong to a group that meet in homes during the week.

House Groups encourage individuals in their faith through sharing, interactive bible study, prayer, worship, fellowship and social activity. Groups consist of up to 15 people of all ages and backgrounds who meet informally for Christian fellowship in the context of a member’s home. Group members develop close friendships and regularly support each other through informal prayer networks.

House Groups are a safe place where:

  • Bible teaching can be more specifically applied,
  • Individuals get opportunities to ask questions relevant to their spiritual Journey,
  • People can minister to each other and begin to discover and use their spiritual gifts,
  • Pastoral care is provided to individuals. 

Many people who attend house groups on a regular basis enjoy a deep sense of belonging, support and love and find it to be a great place to learn how to study the bible and how to pray and as a result grow in their faith and service of the Lord.The group leader facilitates the above, involving the members of the group as far as possible. Groups predominantly meet from 7.45pm on a weekday evening but others meet at times more suitable to the group members. Our aim is that groups multiply by attracting new attendees and by training new leaders.

If you would like to join a house group, please speak to one of the church leaders who will help you to join just the right group for you.