Believers' Baptism

Baptism involves the total immersion of a person into water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit on their own profession of faith. By means of baptism, a person is declaring their desire to turn from a life without God to one which is lived for God through Jesus Christ. 

   A sign of  a new beginning                                                            

Baptism is a new start and often takes place near to a person's first commitment to Christ. As a person turns from their sins, self centredness and wrongdoing and believes in Jesus Christ as the one who can save them from their sins, the church responds to that faith on request by baptising the individual. When people are baptised they are asked to proclaim 'Jesus is Lord' which is a fundamental Christian statement of faith (1 Corinthians 12 v 3). God grants the gift of the Holy Spirit to renew our inner life and to work in us the spiritual power to live holy and godly lives. This is how we can say 'So if anyone is in Christ they are a new creation' (2 Corinthians 5 v 17)

What does baptism mean?

Baptism is a symbolic act that is rich in meaning. It speaks of:

  • Being born. Just as we are born physically, so we need to be born spiritually. Being a Christian is about being born again and then living a life in the power of God. Baptism demonstrates this new birth into a spiritual life through Jesus Christ.

  • Being washed. The symbolism of being immersed in water speaks of the cleansing of sin and being set free from its guilt and shame that has been achieved through Christ's sacrificial death on the cross.

  • Being buried and raised. Baptism is also like being buried in a grave and then being raised to new life beyond the grave just as Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. Baptism therefore marks the end of one life and the beginning of a new one.

  • Being immersed in the Holy Spirit. When a person is baptised, they are usually fully immersed in water and this speaks of being filled with God's Holy Spirit that enables us to live our lives in His strength.

Why are believers' baptised?

Baptism is the way in which Christians declare that they have turned to God and placed their faith in Christ with the intention of living as a Chrisitian disciple. Those who want to follow Christ are baptised because:

  • Jesus has commanded it. In Matthew 28 v 19 Jesus told his disciples to go into the world and teach people about himself, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. If being a Christian means calling Jesus "Lord", one of the first steps is to be baptised as he commanded. This is an act of loving obedience.

  • to do so is to follow Jesus' example. Jesus himself was baptised by John the Baptist at the beginning of his ministry. At that time the Spirit came upon him to enable him to fulfill his mission as the Messiah (Matthew 3 v 13-17). When we follow Jesus in baptism we have the assurance that the Holy Spirit who rested on him will also rest on us.

  • it is the best way to confess Christ publicly. For any person who wishes to declare thier loyalty to Christ, the best way is through baptism, which from the beginning has been the Christian way of making a stand for Christ. Jesus emphasised the importance of being willing to confess loyalty to him in front of others (Matthew 10 v 32).The willingness to be baptised can be a powerful witness to others and is often the means by which they are first drawn to Christ themsleves.

  • baptism is a means of grace. Baptism is a powerful symbol and is given extra depth because it is a means of grace as the Holy Spirt uses it to convey spiritual blessing and benefit through it. The realities that baptism symbolises, such as new life, cleansing, death to sin and immersion in the Spirit, are deepened and renewed in the lives of believers through baptism. Baptism is therefore a spiritually powerful act.

  • baptism is good for the church. It is not only those who are baptised who benefit. The whole church is blessed when baptisms take place in its midst and others are encouraged in their faith. Through baptism the power of Christ to transform lives is proclaimed afresh.

Please speak to the Minister or leaders if you wish to be considered for baptism.