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On Saturday morning I went into Market Harborough town centre. With most shops closed, the church locked, and few people on the streets, the busyness and stress of shopping on a Saturday has gone. There is a new way, one of quiet and patient queuing and a shop that isn’t busy.

Since the pandemic started people have said, ‘life isn’t going to be the same again’. I wonder if that will be true. Are you enjoying a different way of life? Have your priorities changed? Do you no longer spend as much time worrying about your appearance, wondering what you are going to wear, spending money on clothes you fancy, browsing shops, buying things you didn’t know you needed?

This week, in both the MRBC family worship and Mike’s sermon there was a storm at sea and the ship’s crew threw cargo overboard to try to survive the storm.

I wonder what ‘cargo’ you have thrown overboard during the storm of Coronavirus. And what cargo you aren’t sorry to see go.

They say life won’t be the same again – make sure it isn’t. When the storm subsides, don’t go looking for cargo you need to let go of, but be content with a new way, a better way.



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